About Us

WE Are, Gurumantra, a launchpad from where aspiring designers
take a leap towards the world of Design, Architecture and Fashion.
WE TRAIN, the aspiring designer in you. WE CRAFT, your road map towards a successful career in design.

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A highly passionate team of professionals from the Top Design, Technology and Management Institutes in India had a dream to make a positive transformation in the young and creative minds!
They worked extensively for 4 years, did a lot of brainstorming, worked on the creative strategy, sketched their ideas on paper, debated till the midnight and all that happened is REALITY – “Birth of a new venture called Gurumantra”


The purpose is to create a cohort of sensitive, empathetic, socially conscious individuals who are driven with commitment, passion and hard work to craft the future of society.


Gurumantra believes that every individual has a creative core, at Gurumantra we focus on flexing our creative muscles in order to improve the creative confidence


Our vision is to focus on the individual’s overall creative personality and not just hand skills. We try and achieve that goal by providing access to the right tools, right people in practice and our rich social and creative partners.