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Don’t judge a book by its cover

I recently made a couple of visits to a bookstore on FC road. Situated in a basement, the bookstore-vale-kaka, and the stacked pile of books, reaching up to the ceiling of every edge and corner of the room have a different vibe. I had seen people posting photos and had already…
September 21, 2023

Tension Mat Lo!

It’s always the last few days before the exams that are the most stressful and confusing ones. You suddenly get the urge to read more books, listen to random songs on loop and go café-hopping with your friends. It’s the last few days that give you the pre-exam jitters- the…

Design Entrance Examination

In the previous articles we have discussed about the renowned design institute in India – N. i. D. (NID), I. D. C. (IDC, IIT) and N. i. F. T. (NIFT) information was explained. If you want to pursue a degree in design (B.Des) or post-graduate (M.Des) in this institution, let's…

Indian Institute of Design

In India, since 1850s or even earlier, some institutes were started to provide education in art, music, dance, painting, architecture, handicrafts, sculpture. But it was in the 1950s that a truly formal and business-oriented “design” education system was planted! In 1961, National Institute of Design (NID) was established at Ahmedabad.…

Different branches of design

Although there is a common thread in the thought process and techniques of design while pursuing a career in the field of design, if you want to master it, you need to have in-depth knowledge and experience in that field. At present, more than 35 types of design training are…

Difference in design education..!

Design education does not have specific textbooks and standardized curriculum, but design education is based on conscious and holistic consideration of daily life experiences, surrounding social, cultural, political conditions and their changes. In this, students are encouraged to do many kinds of activities and it is through this that life-oriented…

Design Abilities and Orientations

What skills are needed in a career in design? In the previous article we have introduced what is design. In this article, let's take a look at what skills you should have and what your natural inclination should be if you want to pursue a career in design. You ask…

What is Design?

Design can refer to the process of creating a plan or strategy for the creation of a product, system, or structure, as well as the result of that process. It often involves making aesthetic and functional decisions about how something should look and work. Design can be applied to many…

Career in Creative sector

How will the headphone of Ravana’s mobile with ten mouths be? How to calculate the surface area of ​​an elephant? Why is the cross section of okra pentagonal? Why are playing cards rectangular? What problems does the rickshaw driver have to face? Then read this article!