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“Hey there, future exam conqueror! We know Design exams like NID UCEED NIFT can be a bit intimidating, but guess what? We’ve got your back!”

“Today, we’re sharing the ‘7 Tips for Cracking Your Exam’ from our design experts.  These tried and tested strategies will not only help you to ace your Design exams but also boost your confidence along the way.”

“Whether you’re prepping for a school exam, college finals, or any other big test, these tips are your secret weapon to success!”

“So, grab your notes, get comfortable, and let’s embark on this exciting journey to exam success together!”

“Are you ready? Great! Let’s dive right in!”


Master the Art of Visual Storytelling

Sketch Everyday

It’s time to level up your drawing game! Grab your tools – pencil, pen, ink – and sketch 5 easy and 5 challenging things daily. Think of spoons, smartphones, chairs, and glasses. Then, dive into real-life scenes – kids at the park, busy markets, bustling streets. Don’t forget to practice with UCEED papers – Part B is where the fun begins!





Unleash Your Creative Genius

Problem Identification and Rapid Ideation

Start by crushing your first 10 ideas – it’s just a warm-up! Iterate and find that one shining gem. Take any product, situation, service, or system and dive in with the AEIOU Framework. Hunt for issues across users, context, function, comfort, sustainability, and more. Next, unleash the creative beasts: SCAMPER, Mind-mapping, Brainstorming, 5W-1H. For example, inspect your headphones and list 10 problems or opportunities for enhancement.





Stories, Videos, and Visual Insight


Begin by choosing 3 or 4 random words and craft a 25 or 50-word story. Let your imagination run wild! Then, sketch the scenes inspired by your stories. Also, gain visual insights by watching a 5-minute short film, examining abstract paintings, and sharing your 50-word reflections. Unleash your creativity and let your ideas flow!





Get Arty with Purpose

Enhance Your Visual Sensitivity

Create impactful posters on hot topics like Digital India, Child Labor, and Global Warming (A4 Size). Dive into typefaces and logos – study 5 typefaces and analyze logos of the top 50 global companies. Design patterns with regional themes, food elements, and fabric textures. Illustrate any process in 5 simple steps – like Wearing an earring or Charging a mobile. Express emotions using shapes, colors, lines, and textures. Design posters on socially relevant topics – Save Water, Respect for the Elderly. Get creative and make your mark!




ACE the Design and General Awareness

Preparation for Part A

Master the basics – math, science, and all-around knowledge. Figure out how things work and binge-watch those “how it’s made” videos. Play with folding, mirrors, and spinning things around. Become an all-rounder in history, art, and cool authors. Tackle brain teasers and logical challenges. Speed up your reading and comprehension skills. Practice with UCEED and CEED sample papers.





Let Your Imagination Soar

Stretch Your Imagination

Get creative with your friends – imagine you’re a superhero! Have a chat and create cool visuals. If you could be invisible for an hour a day, what are the first 3 things you’d do? If you could run at 1000 km/h, what 3 social adventures would you embark on? Brainstorm and draw it out for maximum fun!





Finish on a High Note

Exercise, Chill, Reflect, Dance!

Fully immerse yourself in any of these activities: work out, Zumba, visualization, soothing tunes, podcasts, origami, doodling, walks, cooking, catching up with friends, or meditating. For extra guidance, connect with a Gurumantra Mentor.





To the future designers and creative minds, may your imagination soar high and your confidence shine brightly during the NID UCEED exam. Trust in your skills, and success will follow. Good luck, and may you design a brilliant future for yourself!


We are design

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We are design

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