NIFT Entrance Exam Preparation Part-1 by Rupal Joshi

NIFT Entrance Exam Preparation Part-1

Gurumantra helps students to set and achieve their goals to clear NIFT entrance test. The above article is the Part-1 of the two-step approach we follow here at Gurumantra. This approach enables the students to understand the basic fundamentals while studying for entrance examinations. This plan constitutes learning of important topics from English, Mathematics, General Knowledge and Current Affairs subjects important for General Ability Test for NIFT. We place considerable emphasis on each and every topic importance for NIFT entrance examination perspective so that the students are well prepared.

Furthermore, we conduct mock tests regularly so that the students can test their abilities every now and then. After the results of these tests, the faculties discuss the questions and answers from the tests in the class. This helps students to understand the best way to save time while giving the test.

For Creative Ability Test, we give practical problems for students to solve and design under the specified time limit. We provide them with day-to-day objects and encourage them to deliver creative outputs using their visualization and imagination. We have group discussions regularly to improve confidence and encourage leadership skills. In conclusion, with immense practice and extensive personal attention, our students easily crack NIFT entrance test.

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